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Relaxing Into Pleasure - Empowerment

  • The Pathways Studio Lord Byron Square, Salford Salford, England, M50 2XH United Kingdom (map)

What does pleasure mean for you and how can you recognise it?  How can you relax into an pleasurable encounter or relationship and stay aware of yourself? 

Do you feel quite passive or nervous in the bedroom. Or do you start worrying about you’re getting it right?   Or do you put up with stuff because you think someone else wants it and you don’t know how to change things? Yet you know you need to. Or do you put pressure on a partner for a particular outcome because you think he or she wants it, when really it’s your ego or fear in charge?

Performance Anxiety is rife and natural but it might not be what you think it is. So it's time to explore what’s beyond it;

What might it be like to learn to feel more pleasure in your own body rather than worrying about someone else’s? What might it be like to be relaxed and creative? What might it be like to initiate the intimacy you want? What might it be like to know what’s possible?

After all if we can’t imagine it, we can't ask for it.

In this simple, profound work we explore about how we can relax more into pleasure rather than worry about performance.  How to understand more about how to move from 'Am I doing it Right?' to 'Am I Enjoying this? And what would make it even Better?’  

Illuminating what holds you back from expressing what you want, we ask how can you be slightly braver and slightly naughtier and a lot more relaxed?   With friendly collaborators you’ll stop focusing on 'over giving' and come back to honesty. Stopping being 'done to’ is powerful. Stopping being over focused on another's pleasure allows us all to feel freer, more confident and empowered. 

In a gentle and enjoyable way, you’ll come to understand the joys of initiating for yourself, understand more about your pleasure, learn about sensual, nurturing and erotic touch, learn to focus attention in your own body, be more creative and courageous, have fun meeting others in short encounters. There will be space to discuss your fears and hopes as a human who simply wants to be open about the longing to feel connection and pleasure.  Understanding why, how and then what. Being a sex geek is fun and confidence building. Curiosity and courage is all you need. 

These Sunday sessions will be clothes on to allow focus, safety and deeper relaxation into feeling. 

Creativity: The Wheel. How to feel. What to want? Why be willing? Who’s it for? What’s possible? Sensual Touch skills for the Terrified. Trust in yourself and others. How to be clear. 

Sexuality: The Joys of Taking. Admitting you want it. Why No is a welcome change of direction not rejection. Courage to be you in all your desires, vulnerability and fun. 

Empowerment:  Let’s Play. The Joys of Allowing.  Be surprised and relax. For the confused at heart this is an intro to simple kink, building clarity and erotic charge. Explore your erotic leadership skills with kindness.

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