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The Genius Between Your Legs

Y*ni Pu*sy, V*lva Cu*t..whatever your choice of word did you know there’s power and wisdom and creative genius between your legs and what’ more she speaks!  Words of love and longing, wisdom and wildness, sadness and sassiness and if we simply listen pure kindness will pour forth. 

With a gentle and playful way in through words, movement and art we can coax, encourage and listen to her story..and we’ll make art with her words. 

Join artist and creative genius Heidi Chadwick and Tantric Realist and artist Alison Pilling in a loving day, devoted to finding your authentic artistic expression in the realm of exploring your sensuality and sexuality, body and voice. 

By the end of the day weaving through a tender and deepening and possibly surprisingly irreverent journey, you’ll have produced a meaningful and beautiful piece of personal sacred Yoni art.