Step into a new world and new ways of being.

Explore the magical combination of your sexuality, creativity and power to enhance your relationships and life.   None of us know this stuff. It's good to want to learn.  Once you feel the power of taking steps to sorting the most important stuff out, the benefits ripple into all areas as you get clearer and more confident.

If things are successful generally yet aren’t working out for you in your love life, it's good to seek new understanding. You might be confused about existing relationships, or feeling like there is something missing when it comes to intimacy - even if you don't know what it is. Sexuality is complex and I can help you understand what's going on for you. And what's possible for you, so you can create good relationships from a place of relaxed sexual self confidence. 

Taking a sexuality journey isn't a quick fix or thrill and there are so many ways to begin. A good place to start is learning about your own body and the superpowers you have within.  Taking responsibility for understanding what turns you on and off can be fun.  Understanding how you can feel more pleasure, learn about the nuances of touch, express your concerns and desires in safety and how you can get out of your own head to allow the feeling in, is only the beginning. 

It's easy to be confused in connection with other people as we can believe that 'we're not good enough' or feel overly responsible.  Yet imagine. What if you thought you were only responsible for your body, boundaries and pleasure, how liberating might that be?  Accepting this allows you to move away from performance anxiety and towards pleasure. Instead of wondering if you're ‘doing it right’, the more important question becomes 'Am I enjoying this and how could it be even nicer?'

When you're in relationship or a bedroom with someone else, there are always new skills to learn about others. There's a freedom and joy in stopping assuming you have to know or be responsible for someone else's pleasure.  You can learn new skills, be delightfully surprised, expand your repertoire and learn how to take steps to a more varied intimacy in your life. 

If you’re simply inexperienced expressing this in safety, with privacy and care, and taking small steps is vital.  You might not know what you like or what might be possible, yet you gain confidence without fear of judgement. 

If you're stuck in fantasies or you're feeling shame or guilt around a troublesome fetish or porn usage, you might want to safely explore how you can move beyond this. Your erotic mind and your peak experiences can teach your so much about yourself; what you long for and what you may be ready to deal with and change.   To a greater or lesser extent all of us are being influenced by our subconscious and our past experiences.  Exploring your shadows is ultimately liberating and powerful, giving you both emotional and erotic freedom for real connection and embodied pleasure. 

All of your desires and puzzling questions are natural and part of being human, and you are very welcome here. In a one-to-one session, you can explore your sexual issues and hopes for connection in a wider context and gain a clearer understanding of yourself with ease, connection and safety. You’ll feel more aware and alive, more interested in yourself and your life, and you'll gain awareness and acceptance and confidence to feel safe to open your heart to love. 

I offer discreet private sessions in relationship and sexuality coaching.  I teach varied group events and workshops, and I have links with a community of healing and sexuality professionals to make referrals. I mentor practitioners.

Whatever is attracting you to the ideas offered here, it is likely that I have explored it in my work and trainings, and I am aware of the courage it takes for you to step into the unknown and to learn new ideas and ways of being. Take the next step and book a Discovery session

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