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Artful and Heartfelt Conversations: Art, Intimacy, Sexuality, Consent

Art Historian Sara Riccardi and join to discuss art from different perspectives. What can art from the past teach us about loving and living today?

After Me Too, Making Consent Sexy Again

Rather than walking on eggshells in relationships and encounters, learning the basics of Consent is liberating and ultimately confidence inspiring.  And once you relax things can get hot again. Or warm or sweet and safe. Exploring the skills of what makes Consent the best and sexiest thing coming out of Me Too will give you new perspectives and change you.

I am Every Woman

Alison's journey into tantra and conscious sexuality touches on the tender and fun places all of us can meet as we navigate overcome fear, learning to love and having our hearts broken, with a bit of conscious kink thrown in for a dramatic twist.  It’s a fun, engaging and sometimes shocking tale of an awaking to a woman’s potential for creativity, love and empowered choices.

Want to hold  a workshop together?

I like to be creative with other practitioners and offer joint workshops - these are some ideas.

Bringing Consent to Life

Unwanted or unconscious touch in the workplace is sadly nothing new. How do we recognise it and more importantly how do we deal with it, so as humans we can be together in harmony.  Whether your workplace is an art gallery,  yoga studio or a corporation, we all want safe places to work with good relationships.


Lets get conscious and skilled with touch.

A 1 or 2 day workshop looking at the Wheel of Consent and touch skills. Exploring what Giving and Receiving really means and who the touch is for. This pioneering work by Dr Betty Martin work insightful and empowering.    

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Guest Blogs & Contributing Articles



'Everyday Devotion' – Guest blog post for

'Intimacy Matters' – Contributing article for Amanda Hart newsletter

Client Testimonials

Dating Tips is great way to explore beautifully and safely what dating means to you and what you might need in a partner......and to connect with others exploring the same. Great if you want to think more deeply about dating without actually going on a date. And it’s brilliant if you want to understand yourself and be more in control of your choices and needs, particularly if you’ve dating dreads or fears.
— Charlotte
Opening up to a total stranger is never easy particularly when discussing intimate personal issues so finding a person with the right level of understanding, knowledge and discretion is difficult. I feel fortunate that not only does Alison possess all these in abundance but she has a warmth of personality that makes you want to explore your own psyche and understand more about what pleasure means for you. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.
— CD