Sexual Self Confidence begins at Sex School

How do we know what we want if we've never experienced good touch or much sensual pleasure? Yet at heart, we know there's more than we're experiencing and we long for variety and close connection with a partner or lover. Come and explore

  • Learning what you might like and want to ask for in the bedroom

  • More confidence in receiving and giving pleasure with slow, sensual and erotic touch

  • Making Consent Sexy and Fun

  • Rebuilding Trust after Trauma

  • Building connection and desire through feeling more and thinking less

  • Talking and communicating about sex easily

  • Exploring and broadening your ideas about pleasure

  • Reclaiming your libido, eroticism and sensuality

  • Understanding your body and how female pleasure is different to male pleasure

  • Overcoming difficulties with Orgasm

  • Overcoming Porn habits

  • Moving away from Performance Anxiety

  • First Dating steps after an affair or a divorce

  • Understanding problem fantasy and fetishes and enjoying reality

I create a non judgemental, safe interesting environment for you to open up and discuss whatever you want. Usually we will have an initial conversation  to clarify what you want to focus on and what you are willing and wanting to change. I listen to you with care and presence, and  together we find  ideas to help you move forward. With new perspectives and beliefs, you can open up to experiencing new ways of being.  When you find courage to put these into action, you improve your sexual experiences and have more meaning, confidence and fun in your bedroom and your life.

I am always clothed. 

Client Testimonials

Dating Tips is great way to explore beautifully and safely what dating means to you and what you might need in a partner......and to connect with others exploring the same. Great if you want to think more deeply about dating without actually going on a date. And it’s brilliant if you want to understand yourself and be more in control of your choices and needs, particularly if you’ve dating dreads or fears.
— Charlotte
Opening up to a total stranger is never easy particularly when discussing intimate personal issues so finding a person with the right level of understanding, knowledge and discretion is difficult. I feel fortunate that not only does Alison possess all these in abundance but she has a warmth of personality that makes you want to explore your own psyche and understand more about what pleasure means for you. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.
— CD
Ali has helped me learn that it’s ok to be me and given fabulous practical and emotion advice about how I can work with my sexuality and sensuality to make more of my life and intimacy with my husband. She has opened up areas of discussion that I never thought I could have and makes me feel that anything is possible.
— HB
After emerging from a twenty year marriage that had featured no intimacy for around fifteen years I was in a bit of a pickle.I was confident and successful in my work life but my sex life had been reduced to beating a shameful one off in the toilet. That’s a pretty humiliating thing to admit. And I didn’t feel I was quite equipped with the knowledge necessary to start this next period of my life.
Working with Ali has pretty much changed my whole concept of intimacy.
I have learned to ask for what I want sexually, this slowly unlocked the process of me thinking more about what I might want in my life. I have learned to encourage my partner to ask for what she wants and thank her for feedback rather than feel affronted or say sorry
I have learned to touch a woman sensually and in a way that makes us both feel safe rather than sets her on edge. And how this is essential before getting to anything sexual.
I have learned that anything is OK if it’s open and discussed and both people want it. I’m no longer ashamed of my fantasies and realise how bringing them out into the open, without imposing them unconsciously on others is liberating me.

This stuff changes everything and as Ali says “it’s strange that the most important things in life are also the ones we find hardest to talk about”.
Thanks Ali, this is really important work.
— RR