Renew your Emotional and Intimate connection at Sex School

Come and see me if you’d like to increase your loving connection and broaden your pleasure repertoire together and reconnect in new ways.

It can be heartbreaking when a once good relationship turns to the mundane yet you don’t know what to do to change things for the better. During our sessions you can look at your sexual and emotional challenges in a relaxed, safe environment and reach agreements on how to move forward. Together you can explore your needs and desires and re-establish your connection using fun exercises and conscious touch. Ultimately by listening and communicating kindly with each other, you can work on establishing what you do and don’t want, expressing  feelings safely and continue learning about each other together. 

As a couple you can rekindle that time when you first met and felt passionate and connected to each other by:

  • Improving communication skills through the Wheel of Consent

  • Understanding eroticism and desire

  • Learning delightful sensual touch

  • Increasing self-confidence

  • Handling disagreements

  • Building trust and commitment

  • Understanding libido differences

  • Expanding limited sexual experiences

  • Genital education and awareness

  • Understanding arousal, orgasm and performance problems

  • Understanding and moving beyond fetish and fantasies

  • Discovering Tantra.