Alison Pilling:
Intimacy & Consent, Sex Educator, Writer, PR and so much more.

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Love and Relationship have been an abiding mystery to me and the search for understanding has taken me along many paths. A soul journey to love through sexuality. For a previously repressed  catholic, identifying and overturning old beliefs that had restrained me opened up a new sense of what was possible. Connecting with my sensuality by learning to feel more, opened up new ways of connecting with myself and others and a huge sense of personal liberation. 

I’ve continually continually worked with leading teachers in the field of sexuality, tantra and conscious kink, exploring how to create loving, truthful and embodied personal relationships.

Understanding ourselves through sexuality is deep work. The effects of this have gradually rippled through my life, giving me more ease and confidence in expressing myself, recognising my renaissance soul giving me an empowering sense of loving aliveness. If a journey to understanding your unique erotic and personal freedom and how to live in your true nature appeals, let me accompany you on the way.